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Former 7 Year NFL Player Unpacks The High Energy Of
PeakPerformance Strategies For Winning In Business And In Life.  

Never a dull moment. Shawn Harper has helped transform thousands of corporate environments, built leadership, trained teams and impacted youth development in schools, and churches with high energy keynote speeches that activate winners.

When Shawn steps on the stage, he delivers strategies and techniques used by professional athletes to compete and win at the highest levels. His unique no excuses approach will leave your audience ready to win as individuals and in teams. 

Shawn Harper is an experience your attendees will never forget.

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Shawn Harper is not just a motivational speaker, but someone who speaks from the word and heart of God. I highly recommend Shawn for your speaking engagement. – Jim Gloyd

Shawn is a very POWERFUL speaker who speaks right to your heart! He’s a very honorable man who is captivating and motivating!! I highly recommend you hear him speak! – Lori Grossman Meyerson

Shawn is one of the most down-to-earth NFL stars I have ever met with a wealth of knowledge and life lessons that anyone can apply to their life. His humanitarian side of “giving back” is something that all will enjoy. I highly recommend connecting with him and hiring him. – Jim Lambright

Shawn is the most dynamic, challenging, and inspirational speakers out there. Play to win by living by design. Awesome stuff!!! Definitely BOOK HIM for your next event. – David Pavlik

I have had the privilege of hearing Shawn speak on multiple occasions. “Inspiring” just scratches the surface. He is inspiring, engaging, encouraging, energetic… I could go on and on. Spending time with Shawn Harper is an investment of time you will not regret. – Angie Bauer Crum

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When Shawn Harper steps on the stage, he unpacks strategies and techniques used by professional athletes to compete and win at the highest levels.



Everyone needs a coach like Shawn who will push and pull out leadership and management skills, and give you the keys to creating a winning culture. 



Shawn brings excitement and helps youth define and dive into their goals and dreams while exploring topics like bullying. drugs, alcohol, and self-image.



Shawn is passionate about delivering his message of winning to a broad audience, and routinely supports non-profit, outreach and other communities. 


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The minute you set a goal—Your MIND needs to evaluate the goal.

Your BODY needs to accept the goal, and be ready for any physical challenges.

And, your SPIRIT needs to be able to heal those two things when they are feeling drained 👊🏾

#journey #fightforthedream #visionmatters

You’ll know when you’ve tapped into your dream because you get energy just thinking about it 👊🏾

#energyshift #gutfeeling #positivemindset

Play to Win // All Day

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