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Former 7 Year NFL Player Unpacks The High Energy Of
PeakPerformance Strategies For Winning In Business And In Life.  

Never a dull moment. Shawn Harper has helped transform thousands of corporate environments, built leadership, trained teams and impacted youth development in schools, and churches with high energy keynote speeches that activate winners.

When Shawn steps on the stage, he delivers strategies and techniques used by professional athletes to compete and win at the highest levels. His unique no excuses approach will leave your audience ready to win as individuals and in teams. 

Shawn Harper is an experience your attendees will never forget.

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When Shawn Harper steps on the stage, he unpacks strategies and techniques used by professional athletes to compete and win at the highest levels.



Everyone needs a coach like Shawn who will push and pull out leadership and management skills, and give you the keys to creating a winning culture. 



Shawn brings excitement and helps youth define and dive into their goals and dreams while exploring topics like bullying. drugs, alcohol, and self-image.



Shawn is passionate about delivering his message of winning to a broad audience, and routinely supports non-profit, outreach and other communities. 




    At Jason MacMeal LLC there isn’t a single person who left untouched by Shawn Harper’s talk. That was a truly inspiring one-hour session which had a great impact on all our employees for a long time. Thank you Shawn!

    I highly recommend Shawn Harper for all his experience and the amazing ability he has to share it with others. He not only inspires people to overcome any obstacles they have in life, but teaches them to be Choosers!

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Shawn Harper Speaks
Shawn Harper Speaks1 month ago
Have you ever felt defeated? The world is always trying to put you in a box. Label you this or say you’re that. Take the power back. Focus on where you’re going. Visualize yourself already there. Speak it everywhere you go! You’re in control. Choose to win! 🙌🏾 If you can change your focus, you can change your life! You can change the world 🌎

#Focus #Intention #Renaissance

Play to Win // All Day

Tap into winning versus chasing success. Go to to download The Winning Edge—FREE
Shawn Harper Speaks
Shawn Harper Speaks
Shawn Harper Speaks1 month ago
Turn your biggest set back into your biggest come back💪🏽Stop focusing on what other people might think about you 🤔You’ve got to push to outperform yourself 🙌🏾You are your biggest opponent💥

#Perseverance #LifeGoals #Fight

Play to Win // All Day

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Winners are locked into whatever they are focused on achieving. Their grip is so strong on their goal that when they fail—they just adjust their approach and keep on going for it.🏋🏾‍♂️🗝🏆

#Perseverance #Focus #Endurance

Play to Win // All Day

If you’re not achieving your goals, it could be that you’re out of alignment—You’re not agreeing with your goal or dream.🤔

In order to achieve, you must have total agreement in spirit, soul, body, and in your words! 💫

#Commitment #SelfAware #Goal

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