Rain or shine, American football fans are known for enduring miserable weather conditions to cheer on their favorite teams.

The average video gamer spends six hours per week fixated on a screen motivated by the thrill of competition and advancing.

The superhero movie Aquaman recently opened in China with over 100 million dollars in revenue on opening week alone.

Why do we spend billions of dollars and countless hours on these spectator activities?

It’s all about winning. You crave the win. You need the win. You were designed for the win.

Out of millions of sperm cells, you are the one who won–winner!

You are a natural born winner.

When our favorite team is on a losing streak, the stadium is empty.

You don’t identify with losers. You identify with winners.

The concept of success was sold to you around the 2nd to the 3rd grade. You were told you have to become a “Success.”

You sacrificed everything for success: your family, your relationships, your health, and your faith. You even went into debt for success.

But, success is not a fixed destination. Success is always changing.

You can be rich on Monday and poor on Tuesday. You can be an executive for a good company on Thursday and unemployed by Friday.

Has success hijacked the winner in you?

Instead of seeking success, do what athletes do. Focus on winning.

Winning is a fixed and firm destination. Winning is the true expression of who you are.

What dream or idea is stirring in you?

Everything you see from your car to your phone to your pens, is the result of an idea or dream that someone had.

In order to win, you must nail down your why and search for inner direction, correction, and validation about your dream. That’s the voice of winning.

I went from sitting on the bench at a junior college to playing in the NFL once I adopted a winning mindset. What I am achieving today is because I am focused on winning, not success.

Winning is what you were made for.

Get up every day ready to play to win. Tap into your passion and find your agreement. Train to win from your core. No matter what life throws at you, you’re going to respond like a champion.

From the locker room to the boardroom, lessons learned as a professional athlete you can apply to win in every area of your life.

Shawn Harper is a former NFL player, Founder/CEO of American Services and Protection, and Bridge Builders International, Author of “The Winning Edge” and Motivational Speaker/Trainer. Learn more here.