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Shawn Harper Speaks
Shawn Harper Speaks2 months ago
Have you ever felt defeated? The world is always trying to put you in a box. Label you this or say you’re that. Take the power back. Focus on where you’re going. Visualize yourself already there. Speak it everywhere you go! You’re in control. Choose to win! 🙌🏾 If you can change your focus, you can change your life! You can change the world 🌎

#Focus #Intention #Renaissance

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Shawn Harper Speaks
Shawn Harper Speaks
Shawn Harper Speaks3 months ago
Turn your biggest set back into your biggest come back💪🏽Stop focusing on what other people might think about you 🤔You’ve got to push to outperform yourself 🙌🏾You are your biggest opponent💥

#Perseverance #LifeGoals #Fight

Play to Win // All Day



15 hours ago
If you look at a lot of world records, a tenth of a second makes all the difference👊🏾

Push it a little more—it's going to work🚀

#PushYourself #Extraordinary #SelfAware

Play to Win // All Day

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