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Audiences Don’t Just Love Him


This is Shawn Harper; a former NFL player, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author. When listening to his speeches, his audiences don’t just sit passively – they interact; they are deeply moved, motivated to take action, and truly inspired! Students of all ages identify with his story and remember his unique and entertaining delivery style.  His presentations are not sermons; they are demonstrations of how a person who was born in impoverished surroundings with four siblings and a single mother grew up to achieve his dreams as an NFL player and beyond.  

Shawn’s speeches are a testimate to how young students can write their own destiny by overcoming limitations and developing a winning mindset. He struggled with learning disabilities and speech impairment as a child yet rose to achieve things most had never thought possible. He is a successful life coach, business owner, and national middle and high school motivational speaker. Shawn’s ‘no excuses’ philosophy has motivated millions of students to dream big and push through setbacks to realize their true potential.

Over the last of 15 years, Shawn has reached thousands of students from all socio-economic backgrounds and has traveled to all 50 states to motivate and empower our nation’s youth. Your students will be amazed and inspired by the former NFL player’s presence, dynamic story and powerful message.  Students are drawn to and fascinated by Shawn because of his humorous, rousing presentations and feats of strength.  Shawn infuses his mantra, “We’re not born winners or losers, we’re born choosers,” in the hearts of young people to expand their minds and impel them to greatness.

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If you are interested in learning more, or have any questions about booking Shawn to come speak at your organization, contact us today.

Hear what others are saying!

Rick Haynes
Assistant Principal/Head Football Coach
Not only did Shawn speak to them respectfully, but his message resonated with them. The students were engaged and entertained but more importantly took away from his talk the message of pursuing your dreams regardless of the obstacles that might be in your way.
Ron Davidson
Local School
Mr. Harper is an incredible speaker! Seeing him, listening to him was an absolutely extraordinary experience that changed lives! His strength and determination are an example worth following.
Jane Austin
Local School
What an amazing experience! Thank you so much Shawn Harper! You are a true inspiration for school children! It was great honor to have the chance to see you at my school. An experience I’ll definitely never forget!


If you are interested in learning more, or have any questions about booking Shawn to come speak at your organization, contact us today.


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